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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sunset Reef Villa Tobago - Specials Coming Soon

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The more serene of the siblings, Tobago is home
to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western
Hemisphere. It really is the last of the unspoilt
Caribbean. Once you behold her beauty, you will
understand why Tobago was Robinson Crusoe’s
isle – and why our European settlers fought over
her ownership more than any other Caribbean
island. This strip of elongated land, just 41 by 14
kilometres, abounds with natural allure - palmlined
beaches, lush rain forests and pristine coral
reefs teeming with rich marine life.
Contrasts of rolling hills against wave-beaten
shores create a stunning backdrop for the island’s
unequalled beauty. The South (Windward) Coast is
washed by the dark green, wave-whipped Atlantic
and is lined with vibrant fishing villages, while
the North (Leeward) Coast provides Tobago with
some of its finest beaches. In the main, the eastern
landscape of the interior rises steeply into tall
peaks and rolling hillocks, providing shelter for
the oldest protected forest reserve in the Western
A perfect complement to bustling Trinidad, Tobago
is a true jewel of the Caribbean Sea, whose sparkle
will live in your memory long after you have left
her shores.

Clive & Jane
Villa Owner Managers

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